“I would highly recommend this photobooth package for weddings. At first we actually wanted to do a physical booth that people sit in, but the photo equipment Justin and his group provides is much better. There’s no framed enclosure, which makes it much better because all your guests can see everyone posing with the props, which makes them want to get in on the action and take their own photos. A lot of people can fit in one photo as opposed to the constraints of a physical booth. Our guests loved the photobooth and people keep talking about the funny photos they took.” – Dan in Orlando

orlando photobooth company printing photo booth
orlando photobooth company printing photo booth
social sharing photobooth by orlando photobooth company
social sharing photobooth by orlando photobooth company

What’s the difference between our 2 Photobooths?

We’re glad you asked!

Our Legacy booth (printing photobooth on the left) does what your traditional photobooth was meant to do, and it does it well!!! It will only take photos, but since it uses a Cannon (DSLR) Camera paired with an alien bee flash, the quality is the best in the business!! We also hard line connect our DNP printers to this booth, providing studio quality prints for all guests and the party host – we make a scrapbook with all photos for ya that same night.

Our Salsa booth (Digital/ Social Sharing booth on the right) is a hybrid and the newest tech in photobooths! It while it does take photos, and quite well at that, it shines in the world of: Boomerangs, GIFS, Video Testimonies, Data Export and Surveys – making them great for both social events and corporate data capture! Our Salsa booth is powered by a 2022, 12.9-inch iPad Pro, allowing for great captures and a fully customizable interface!   PLUS, this booth can be left unattended, it was designed to be used with or without an attendant due to its sturdiness, durability and ability to go back to the home screen after 15 seconds of inactivity – making it ready for the next round of captures!

Both booths proudly boast


Our booths were hand made by the top Photobooth development company to date, located in Orange County, CA – shipped here to Orlando, FL. Clean lines, high-quality fabrication and top-notch instrumentation. We don’t stack road cases to provide you with an open-air booth, our booths are elegant and produce a superior product. Perfect for any occasion, whether it be placed in a dive-bar, or a branded booth for a corporation in the best hotel on the planet!


An Open-Air photobooth is one that is not enclosed. This provides more options in regards to backdrops and number of people per shot. No more jumping inside of a closed box with limited space. Invite all your friends for a shot of 15 people, and we have fit more! Our booths are totally adjustable, and the head unit can pivot or lower depending on peoples height, so we get a perfectly centered shot every time! Have a kids party, no problem! We can remove a pole from our unit to have it be at the perfect height for all, centered around 4 feet off the ground.

Customizable Templates

We completely customize every Photobooth event to the client’s needs. We use Photoshop to develop the art, then send you a proof of the image for approval. We can provide the standard 2×6 designs or the 4×6 postcard size. See our Templates page for some of our preferred designs! We’ve also invested in 2 professional template companies to offer you the best in design elements and different themes to fit your next event. This part of the process begins once the contract comes back signed.


We purposely purchase only the best backdrops available for our Photobooths. I mean, why have the top-of-the-line Photobooth, and match it with poor backdrops bought from the fabric store down the street! We use 1/2 inch Large Sequin, quality 1/5 inch Sequin, NEW customizable mermaid design (2 colored small diameter sequin you can change with your hand), solid color and design-oriented Stretch Fabric and can order custom Step-and-Repeats at a price that saves you money. See our Backdrops Page for our current selection.


Our Photobooth software is current and industry standard. We have the ability to offer so much value to any customers needs.

  • Text messaging and email to guests
  • Filters
  • Animated GIFs
  • Green Screen
  • Surveys and Data Export

FUN and Quality Props!!

We have been in the entertainment industry here in Orlando for 20 years now. We LOVE to have a great time, so our props range from normal and appropriate to FUN and outrageous! Our typical box of props will consist of random fun things like glasses, oversized phones, crowns to wear and signs to hold. Included with every photobooth rental are themed props that fit your event and vibe. If its a Wedding, we have wedding props added in. If its a Cinco De Mayo party, we add that pack in. Since we’ve been in business since 2017, we have a wide variety and continue to invest whenever necessary.

Our Legacy Booth (Printing photobooth) proudly boasts

orlando photobooth company printing photo booth

High-Quality DSLR Photos

We use a Canon SL1 with 18-55MM II zoom lens in all of our Photobooths. This provides exactly what the Photobooth needs to provide you, the client, with high-quality images to ensure perfection in every shot. We give you all the high-res originals after every event, so you can blow them up and frame them on the wall. Ask us for examples, hope you use dropbox – these files are big!

Studio Quality Prints

We use both the DNP-DS620A and DNP-DS40 printers in our Photobooths. $1000 printers that produce Studio Quality Prints! Printing is the Photobooth’s main function, we are proud to boast about the printers we use, and the quality is proven in the product! Ask us, we will gladly send you a 2×6 or 4×6 print to compare.

orlando photobooth company printing photo booth

Our Salsa Booth (Digital / Social Sharing Photobooth) proudly boasts

social sharing photobooth by orlando photobooth company

FULL Booth Customization

This booth is the most customizable option we offer! We can add a photo of the birthday person, wedding couple or corporate logo to the start screen! The digital gallery is also themed to your liking.

orlando photobooth company custom start screen

High-Quality Boomerang and Video Captures

With a high end 2022 iPad as the powerplant, this booth captures AMAZING video messaging and boomerangs. The photos and GIFS come out great as well, but they are not better than a DSLR booth. They simply aren’t, but that’s not to say the output is still great. Each booth has it’s perks, and this one shines in the world of video – and it’s a blast!!

Data Capture and Surveys

With our Salsa booth, we have the ability to export all collected data with the push of a button. For guests to receive their capture, they must type in a phone number or email. Before the event, we can work with you to customize those messages to your liking and branding. Time to increase those leads!

With the addition of surveys, you can collect valuable data and opinions from your target market. We can work with you to make this happen. And of course, export you the data!!

Digital Props & filerts + hands free mode

We can set different digital props for your guests to choose from before the event starts. Things like glasses, dog faces, etc. We can also go full Hands-FREE mode on this booth. Allowing for 0 need to touch the booth or props to take, send and receive photos. Holy COVID Batman, it’s Perfect!

social sharing photobooth by orlando photobooth company

We seriously LOVE Photoboothing! We put all we can emotionally, physically and financially to provide Orlando with the absolute BEST Photobooth product and experience! When something new comes out, we research and move in if it fits. We are not only the President, we are also a Client (shouts to Hair Club for Men). We love running a Photobooth, but we also use them ourselves for everything from personal events, family Christmas Cards, and enjoy operating them for a good cause. We would love to give you the chance to experience what we love offering. Please contact us today with any questions you may have.

We sometimes use the word “best”. It’s relative. We do spend extra money to get the better side of products, but at the end of the day, we don’t claim to be the “Worlds Best Cup of Coffee”. We simply do all we can to satisfy you as a customer, using our experience and products, to provide you with an experience and product you deserve.

Happy Boothing!!